Genies’ PAC-MAN NFTs Look Good Enough to Eat

In May 2021, avatar tech firm Genies partnered with entertainment giant BANDAI NAMCO to launch a series of PAC-MAN NFTs. These non-fungible tokens, unique collectables, utilize the vintage arcade game’s ground-breaking and colorful design aesthetic to bring PAC-MAN into the digital world. The project, which featured contributions from digital artists including Gabriel GG, NFN Kalyan, Defaced, Baugasm, Cory Van Lew, and Render Fruit, featured a series of PAC-MAN helmets: avatar-wearable NFTs for purchase and use in digital spaces. Six helmets, one designed by each of the artists, were released, as well as a classic piece inspired by the original game. In addition, a last art piece featuring a Genies avatar wearing a PAC-MAN helmet and being chased by one of the game’s ghost antagonists is available. The wearable NFTs can be sported by Genies avatars that can then be used in various social media, messaging, and game apps that work with the Genies platform. This list includes:

  • Giphy
  • iMessage
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • And more.

PAC-MAN Wearable NFTs

This Genies x PAC-MAN collaboration, released via the avatar wearable NFT marketplace OpenSea is the last in Genies’ series of NFT releases made on other problems. Going forward, they will be making their wearable NFT drops on their own marketplace, where fans and collectors can engage with the games, teams, artists, and other IPs that they support while expressing their digital identity in unique ways. Genies is collaborating with NBA Top Shot’s Dapper Labs, also an investor in Genies’ recent $65 million round of funding, to build its new NFT marketplace. Perhaps Genies Asia will partner up again with BANDAI NAMCO to sell another set of NFTs supporting another classic gaming IP: SoulCalibur, Dark Souls, Digimon, or one of their many other successful franchises. Fans can express their devotion to the world in this capacity, advertising their love for the game in a completely new medium.

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